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MSP® Store is an ecommerce store founded since 2005 is named after subsidary Matthew Scott Primous Publishing Company. Its purpose to display extraordinary products for everyday building on the innovation of 2000 by our Founder and Inventor Matthew Scott Primous since then our company has been known as the Top Executive's 100 Company for its structure and sound business ideas & New York Index Company for being founded in the Great State of New York. C.I.O.D. stands for the future of robotics and photonics change on the world as we know it. We have been recognized and honored as the best of business in financing, consulting, and software by the Rochester Award Program and we have been inducted into the Rochester Business Hall of Fame. We partnered with Paypal to provide fast and easy payment options for our products and consumers. We excited that you visited and hope you experience our products, all products made from COMPUTATION INTEGRATION ON DEMAND invented by Integrity Intrigue Innovation Inc. Founder Matt S. Primous . Sales Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number or TEXT 585-743-0907 Customer Service through (All Email Answered within 24 - 72 hours).