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INTEGRITY INTRIGUE INNOVATION, INC. is an business incorporated in MONROE, New York, USA on February 27, 2000. It is not part of a group. Integrity Intrigue Innovation Inc. is built in Penfield, NY as a New York Company around 2000 as Custom Service Processor with the invention of Computation Integration On Demand by inventor and it has a entertainment company and is list as Rochester, New York (NY) Computer Services Companies since 2005 then list on Duns & Bradstreet for Computer Software Development. We moved to Rochester,NY in 2009 known for best in consulting and finance. MSP Store has been partnered with PAYPAL for over six years selling the Greatest Invention Of All Mankind with its Computer Programming Services and listed as Rochester Computer Services.

Sales Email Address: MSPFIRM@EMAIL.COM

Phone Number 585-743-0907


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